Stuck in another risk meeting while your competition is launching their next killer feature?


How much faster would your regulated business make decisions if you had better brakes?

Faster Cyber unblocks the policy, practice, people and technical issues that hinders timely and rational risk taking around cyber.We streamline your internal cyber risk and control processes so you reach time to value faster.We assess and rightsize cyber risk debt that organisations accumulate through risk averse decision making and lack of cyber threat awareness. Then we develop your future leaders in modern cyber risk thinking so you lock in future benefit.Finally, we offer a special form of leverage through better technology and tactics.Learn more or contact us to discuss your needs.

Here are six specific ways we can help you.
Each service is designed for organisations that are regulated and/or operating in a sensitive sector.

1. Reach Time to Value Faster

Reduce time to market for a new digital service or product where cyber risk is a blocker or challenge. Launches may be hard, but should not be impossible. We establish ground truth quickly and provide you multiple go-forward options to launch a trustworthy service at speed.

Accelerate your cloud journey and evidence compliance with regulatory requirements. We can you help you break internal risk logjams, secure workloads with our battle tested cloud security expertise and align internal teams on cyber risk and security.

2. Rightsize risk & Develop future Leaders

Reduce your cyber risk debt
We scrutinise your risk register to ensure recorded cyber risks are necessary, valid, properly scoped and rated, appropriately aggregated, current. We consider your current operating environment, threat and controls landscape, risk appetite, business goals along with stakeholder and regulatory requirements.

Fast track cyber leader development
We coach away misunderstandings, assess and fill knowledge gaps and improvements in decision making, with a focus on cyber risk and security. Can be delivered 1-on-1 or in small groups, from SMEs, managers, leaders to the Board.

3. Leverage better Tech & Tactics

Asset Discovery at Warp Speed
Build the foundation for automated cyber risk management. Let us show you how to materially reduce the time it takes your IT team to discover and catalog ALL your IT assets - whether on-premise or cloud.

Reduce the blast radius of a breach
Time is a precious commodity during a cyber breach. Bank yours now by having us perform a rapid breach simulation. This small, self-contained exercise delivers channel specific cyber resilience with no CapEx spend required to implement our recommendations.

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About Faster Cyber

Faster Cyber is a brand of Threatspotting Ltd which is owned and operated by Craig Balding. It has one purpose and one purpose only: speed up your cyber risk and control practice in a smart and responsible way.Before starting his cyber consulting business Craig was Managing Director for cyber risk and security at Barclays PLC, following 17 years in expert and leadership roles General Electric. At GE, he applied Six Sigma to cybersecurity challenges to eliminate waste, improve processes and reduce cycle time. At Barclays he led 120 cyber security professionals in delivering better cyber security faster. He regularly engaged with financial regulators, liaised with relevant government departments and helped drive Cyber Essentials across the UK supply chain.Over the past 5 years, Craig has consulted with a broad range of international clients, operating in high risk and/or regulated sectors.Today, Craig operates from his base in Budapest, Hungary.Schedule a call to discuss how our our services can help your organisation.

Secret Cyber Quiz

Answer these 6 self-assessment cyber questions...

  • Who is faster to market with trustworthy digital products and services? Your organisation or your nearest competitor?

  • From actual testing, how many minutes does it take to detect a confirmed cyber breach of your most critical online channel? (ignoring scans)

  • If your cyber risk management was streamlined, how many sensitive or mission critical workloads do you have capacity to deploy to public cloud in the next 12 months? How many did you deploy in the past 12 months?

  • Calculate the following: multiply the number of high severity cyber issues on your risk register by the number of months the next action is pending. Is it higher than your age?

  • Would you bet this years bonus that your IT asset inventory is complete and current?

  • In the event of an endpoint breach, how many minutes does it take IT to identify and locate other potentially affected devices and protect unaffected, yet exposed devices?

Cyber Answers!

How do you feel you did?

  • Score 1 point if you are the first or second fastest to market in your subsector

  • If time to detect a confirmed breach on your most critical online channels takes less than 5 minutes, score 1 point

  • If you deployed at least 3 distinct sensitive or mission critical workloads to public cloud in the past 12 months score 1 point

  • If the result was less than your age, score 1 point

  • If you would bet your bonus on this, we've got a bridge to sell you.

  • If the cyber response scenario takes less than 10 minutes, score 1 point.

How did you do?

Out of a possible 5 points, what did you score?More than 4? Fantastic job!
You would probably fit in well here at Faster Cyber - get in touch!
Less than 4? Well done for taking part.
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